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Watching the bros of ANTM Cycle 21 really renews my gratitude for Smith College.



Thank you, Kelly, for the eye rolls and for calling Ben out when he hit on Tyra. Ew!

TyraTips: On Eating with Professors

A student recently asked on FB:

How do u meet a professor at a breakfast place??? Do u wait inside or outside? Do u sit?? Do u buy them food?? Do u order stuff while u wait? What are the manners???

SUCH A GOOD QUESTION. Eating with professors/advisers/colleagues can be quite stressful. 

If the weather is nice, you should sit outside to wait for them. You could also go inside and get a table. The important thing is to arrive before them.

You do not buy them food. If they are nice (and remember their broke student days), you will get a free drink or meal out of this meeting. Eat it and don’t be too picky!

If you’re very hungry and know you’re going to ordering a full meal and there wasn’t a clear “invitation” to food, I think it may be better to go ahead and order. If you’re just going to have something light and a coffee, it’s ok to wait. 

In the event you get a generous professor to offer to pay for your meal, don’t order all the expensive things on the menu! You’ll look silly and desperate. 

Follow these tyra tips (#typs?) and enjoy your meeting! 

One of my favorite people at work left!

When I first heard, it was kind of hard to process through the denial, hangover, and lack of coffee. 


But I quickly recovered because she is leaving for an awesome opportunity and totally deserves it. But still! Leaving!


At the end of the week, everyone got together to say goodbye and say nice things to her and I was super into it but also CAKE AND CUPCAKES!


We all miss her, but it was awesome to see her exit with grace and the legit adoration of co-workers. image

In an economy that relies upon/creates a flexible/insecure workforce, leaving jobs and/or watching others leave is just a reality. Thankfully, this one was a happy goodbye. #madrespect 

Being Working Class in the Academy

Quick Question:image

What do figure skating and academia have in common? 


True Dat. 

But according to Jacqui Shine’s essay  ”Love on Ice: What Tonya Harding Teaches Us About the Academy” both fields also: 

share a reliance on the narrative that those who reach the upper echelons are the best and most deserving, because they exemplify the combination of love, talent, and discipline that success requires.

Sounds like another industry we know…


Working-class academics learn to dress differently, to speak differently, to develop different interests and tastes—ones that conform to expectations and signal that we belong.

As a result, Shine says:

I’ve learned that “having a cup of coffee” does not mean that one is enjoying a steaming mug of Taster’s Choice, that most everyone’s jeans cost more than $20, that not having a passport is unsophisticated. I learned to change some of my habits and to react silently and invisibly when faced with a gap in my knowledge. I learned, in short, to perform my role. 


What do you think? How does this performance shape your experiences? Read more here.  

On Depression and Academia (with GIFs!)

Hey there.

This is from Isa, one-half of AcademicTyra. I’ve been off tumblr for a few months, so props to Megan for keeping us going!!


I’ve just been feeling shitty, you know? 


I mean, I’ve felt crappy in graduate school before but now I’m all:


and every time I leave the house I’m justimage

No fun. Anyway, just wanted to share (this is tumblr, after all) and also point you to an excellent article in the Chronicle Vitae by our Smithie friend Jacqui Shine on depression and academia.


You should read it then come back here and share your stories. Are you depressed? How do you manage? What’s up with you, boo? 

That special moment when a cis dude gets that patriarchy hurts dudes, too, and that feminism can be for anybody


…and that “anybody” takes into account the racist, classist, colonialist, heterosexist legacies of certain strands of feminism…